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Hardwood Lumber: Rustic Alder

Hardwood Lumber: Superior Alder
Alnus Rubra
Common Names: Alder, Western Alder

Light to pinkish-brown, fine textured with good working properties.
Sometimes referred to as "Poor Man's Cherry".
ILP offers a rustic or knotty grade called Premium Frame: SSE: sound square, STK: sound tight knots



Item Number Description
75 Alder Red 4/4 P/Frame Rustic RWL
90 Alder Red 4/4 P/Frame Rustic 9-10 6inch+
85 Alder Red 5/4 P/Frame Rustic RWL
87 Alder Red 6/4 P/Frame Rustic RWL
95 Alder Red 8/4 P/Frame Rustic RWL