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Hardwood Lumber: Yellow Birch

Betula Alleghaniensis
Common Names: Grey Birch, Silver Birch

White to cream colored sapwood, close grain fine uniform texture.
Usually a little wider in width and longer lengths are more available.
*ILP offers Sap 1 Face, Natural and Red 1 Face in our yellow birch.


Item Number Description
1001 Birch Yellow Nat 4/4 S&B RWL
1002 Birch Yellow S1F 4/4 S&B 9-10'
1017 Birch Yellow S1F 4/4 S&B 13'-16'
1014 Birch Yellow S1F 5/4 S&B RWL
1075 Birch Yellow S1F 8/4 S&B RWL