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Softwood Lumber: Pine

Softwood Lumber: Pine
Pinus Strobus
Common Names: Northern White Pine

Wide ring of white to pale white sapwood with heartwood being of smaller portion and slightly darker to reddish brown, fine textured moderately strong and stable.

ILP stocks both knotty (furniture grade) and virtually clear (C & Btr) grades, used for building/construction dimension lumber and siding for homes since the mid to late 1800's.


Item Number Description
15490 Pine White 4/4 D&Btr S4S
15480 Pine White 4/4 Furniture Grade
15496 Pine E Wh 4/4 C and Btr
15485 Pine White 8/4 Furniture Grade
15471 Pine E Wh 8/4 C and Btr
80104 Pine E Wh 4/4 #1 Shop RWL
16002 Fir Douglas CLR VG 1x8
16003 Fir Douglas CLR VG 1x10
16004 Fir Douglas CLR VG 1x12