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Hardwood Plywood: Rustic Alder

Hardwood Plywood: Rustic Alder
Hardwood Plywood Alder Rustic

Rustic or Knotty Alder has the same characteristics as Alder, but includes considerably more pin holes, knots, knot holes, and grain variation. Alder has a straight grain and is known for ease in staining. Alder can take on the appearance of other hardwoods, such as cherry, based on the stain that is applied. Alder is softer than other hardwoods, and may dent easily. Our rustic alder contains boards with tight and open knots. Open knots will be filled with a dark putty.


Item Number Description
21002 Alder Red Rustic 1/4 4X8 A1 MDF
21055 Alder Red Rustic 3/8 4X8 A1 MDF
21050 Alder Red Rustic 1/2 4X8 A1 MDF
21010 Alder Red Rustic 3/4 4X8 AA MDF
21005 Alder Red Rustic 3/4 4x8 A1 VC
21011 Alder Red Rustic 3/4 4x8 PBC G2S
21036 Alder Red Rustic 3/4 4x10 A1 MDF
21350 Alder Rustic STK 1/4 4x8 MDF
22805 Alder Rustic STK 3/8 4x8 MDF
21300 Alder Rustic STK 3/4 4x8 MDF
21325 Alder Rustic STK 3/4 4x6 MDF
101125 VersaPly Alder Rustic STK 3/4 4X8 PBC
26050 VersaPly Alder Rustic/HRM 3/4 4x8 PBC