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Hardwood Plywood: Alder

Hardwood Plywood: Alder
Plywood Hardwood Alder

Alder has a straight grain and is known for ease in staining. Alder can take on the appearance of other hardwoods, such as cherry, based on the stain that is applied. Alder is softer than other hardwoods, and may dent easily. We carry alder with a plain slice cut, that results in a combination of cathedrals and a straight grain pattern. We also stock with a white melamine back or the Versa ply.


Item Number Description
21020 Alder Red PS 1/4 4X8 AB MDF
21025 Alder Red PS 1/2 4X8 AB MDF
21035 Alder Red PS 3/8 4x8 AB MDF
21030 Alder Red PS 3/4 4X8 AB MDF
21054 Alder Red PS 3/4 4x8 A1 VC
21031 Alder Red PS 3/4 4X10 A1 MDF
21259 Alder Red PS 1 4x8 A1 VC
26001 VersaPly Alder 3/4 4x8 MDF
26063 VersaPly Alder/HRM 3/4 4x8 MDF