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Imported Plywood

Imported Plywood
Plywood Import

Russian Birch plywood is preferred for its multiple plies of birch veneer that provide superior stability and strength, with few voids.

Face Grades:

B - Select one-piece face has a uniform appearance and is free from defect.

BB - One-piece face generally light and uniform in color. Pin knots and small sound tight knots are allowed. Occasional "football" patches are color matched to the veneer.



Item Number Description
21111 Birch Russian 1/8 5X5 B-BB VC
21113 Birch Russian 1/4 5X5 B-BB VC
21112 Birch Russian 1/4 5X5 BB-BB VC
21110 Birch Russian 3/8 5X5 B-BB VC
21116 Birch Russian 1/2 5X5 B-BB VC
21120 Birch Russian 1/2 5X5 BB-BB VC
21121 Birch Russian 1/2 4X8 BB-BB VC
21211 Birch Russian 1/2 4x8 B-BB
21115 Birch Russian 5/8 5X5 BB-BB VC
21117 Birch Russian 3/4 5X5 B-BB VC
21123 Birch Russian 3/4 4X8 BB/BB VC
21334 Birch White PG2 1/2 4X8 C2 VC
21333 Birch White PG2 3/4 4X8 C2 VC
23956 Maple Nat 18mm 4x8 C2 VC
26500 Meranti 1/8 4X8 Overlay & Btr VC
21335 Pinho Cuiabano 3/4 4x8 BB/CC
21336 Pinho Cuiabano 1/2 4x8 BB/CC
29000 Pinho Cuiabano 1/4 4x8 BB/CC