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Hardwood Plywood: Pine

Hardwood Plywood: Pine
Plywood Hardwood Pine

Our knotty pine is pale white to yellowish in color. We have an upgraded veneer for tight knots perfect for cabinets and furniture applications. The southern yellow pine has less knots but a distinctive grain with a darker stripe pattern.


Item Number Description
33710 Pine Knotty PS 1/4 4X8 A1 MDF
33715 Pine Knotty PS 1/2 4X8 A1 MDF
33725 Pine Knotty PS 3/4 4X8 A1 VC
33735 Pine Knotty PS 3/4 4X8 A1 MDF
30650 Radiata Pine AC Ext 1/2 4x8
30512 Radiata Pine AC Ext 3/4 4x8