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Hardwood Plywood: Poplar

Hardwood Plywood: Poplar
Plywood Hardwood Poplar

The sapwood is creamy white and may be streaked, with the heartwood varying from pale yellowish brown to celery green. The green color in the heartwood will tend to darken on exposure to light and turn brown. The wood has a medium to fine texture and is straight-grained. We also stock this with a white melamine back. .


Item Number Description
33750 Poplar Yellow 1/4 4x8 B1 MDF
33751 Poplar Yellow 3/4 4x8 B1 PBC
33780 Poplar RC Wht 1/4 4x8 B1 MDF
33756 Poplar RC Wht 3/4 4x8 B1 MDF
33758 Poplar PS Wht 3/4 4x10 A1 MDF
33724 Poplar PS Wht 1/2 4x8 B1 MDF
33759 Poplar RC Nat 1/2 4x8 B1 MDF
33800 Poplar RC Wht 3/4 4x6 BB MDF
33760 Poplar RC Nat 3/4 4x8 B1 MDF
33900 Poplar RC Wht EX 3/4 4x8 B1 MDF
26038 VersaPly Poplar Yellow 3/4 4x8 B PBC White Mel Back